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Safe & Cast Money Boxes

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One of human needs is security

SECURITY came from the Latin word "Se Cura" which means to be without concern or care and not to be worried about.

People have always had the need to protect the things that are most important and valuable. Early humans, the gatherers and hunters, put their valuable things in the caves or buried them under the ground as a way to protect them from wild animals and another human. As time goes by and technology increased, people developed tools made from various types of material such as metal, wood and stone.

They also progress in further handcrafting techniques and craftsmanship skill. The outcome of these progress lead to Safety devices development, constructed primarily from metal, stone and wood, equipped with doors, chests, and locks. These safety devices named safe became the highest security and storage for money, coins, gold, jewelry, and other valuable objects. The first Safe factory, built in England in 1795, the next factory set up in Germany in 1813. The manufacturing of safe would greatly increase; afterwards the 19th century became famous of “Century of the safe industry”.

All throughout history, started from pre-history, through the middle ages, and today, having an assurance of security has become not only importance but also a necessity.

Our safes displayed on line, as well as ones in our showroom are available for immediate sale. Likewise the un-restored safes in our warehouse are also available to be chosen for restoration. We tailor each safe according to your specific whishes and desires. It is possible for you as the customer to select the safes and have it back to life for you-personally. Please contact us at your convenience and learn about your very own marvelous, antique, and rare Safe.

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